Zanzibar Stones Town Capoeira. “We Want the World to Know Who We Are.”


Zanzibar Stone Town Capoeira (ZSTC) is an acrobatic, capoeira and break dance crew based in Stone Town Zanzibar, Tanzania. In June 2010, AcroSports sponsored Jarrel Phillips and Barrett Raftery’s trip to Zanzibar. Phillips and Raftery, ZSTC Project managers, provided one week of capoeira instruction, twice a day, to the ZSTC. They also hand-delivered custom uniforms to the ZSTC crew, presented them with capoeira instruments to encourage more training and solar lanterns to light their evening practices on the beach. ZSTC relished this opportunity and learned quickly. It was astounding to see how much ZSTC has accomplished on their own as creative young artists. They have been training with one another for the past 10 years, without ever receiving formal training from an experienced instructor prior to the summer of 2010. They were extremely appreciative of the uniforms and support from Acro Sports. This was only the beginning.

Intrigued and inspired by the dedication and skill level of the ZSTC, Phillips and Raftery arranged two weeks of training workshops in July 2011 for these youth in each of their disciplines. In collaboration with AcroSports, AVE’s Zanzibar Stones Town Capoeira Project raised $15,000 to send three esteemed master instructors to Zanzibar: Mestre Urubu Malandro of Capoeira Ijexa (Capoeira), Dominik “Swiss Chocolate” Wyss of Gymnasium Liestal (Acrobatics), and Ed “Blakk” Johnson of Renegade Rockers (Break dance).

Under the name Access Via Exposure (AVE), Jarrel Phillips, ZSTC Project Founder and project manager, focuses on helping youth, especially urban at-risk youth, cultivate their passions and pursuits. Using the Arts and Education, Phillips hopes to provide creative avenues for the young to explore and discover meaningful experiences that will positively impact their lives.

For more information on the ZSTC Project, please visit the ZSTC on Facebook

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