By Christine Joy Ferrer

Thank you to all our generous contributors, funders and supporters of the AVE Project 2012: Uganda, Tanzania, and Ethiopia, the next phase of the ZSTC Project.

We have exceeded our goal of $1,800 and raised $2,110! We couldn’t have done it without you. This year’s ZSTC project crew (Jarrel Phillips, Edwin Johnson, Dominik Wyss) leave for Zanzibar, Tanzania, Sunday, Sept. 2.

AVE, in collaboration with Acro Active and AcroSports, is once again embarking on another Zanzibar adventure to train with the ZSTC. Edwin “B-boy Blakk” Johnson, AcroSports outreach manager and member of the legendary Renegade Rockers break dance crew, will be traveling to Zanzibar for his second consecutive year as the break dance instructor and Dominik “Swiss Chocolate” Wyss, City Circus acrobatic coach, AcroSports outreach representative, and Sons of Cayuga circus acrobatics trainer, will once again teach acrobatics. Jarrel Phillips will be instructing the capoeira workshops.After a week of training with ZSTC in Zanzibar, Jarrel Phillips will be teaching capoeira to the youth in both Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Gulu, Uganda. He’ll also be bringing them donated school supplies and clothing.

The goal was to raise only $1,800 to help the instructors with housing, food, and other necessities that we’d like to bring back to the ZSTC crew. With the support of the people we raised $2,110. AcroSports agreed to match this donation. And all donations are tax-deductible thanks to the Bayview Association for Youth 100% College Prep Institute.

A Special Thank You to all our supporters on Indiegogo (Not everyone is included on this list because some people have decided to remain anonymous):

Brian King
Nancy Sorrell
Donald Coley
Anisa Berry
L. Crossley Dellis
Michael Cohn
Jennifer Tanaka
Abigail Munn
Meredith Steiner
Daniel Carter
David Lutterkort
Lydia Vincent
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J. Midori Kobayashi
Eugene Bordallo
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Hilary Heuer
Jarmin Yeh
Sean Dinh
Kristina Burow
M Schaulis
Victoria Sung
James Reffell
Ben M. Snyder
Helen Chan
Andrew Cohen

“We thrive off human connection and purpose. We all have a voice. We all want to be heard. Every individual wants to feel connected to their world. Life is art and art is our medium. People helping people. Artists supporting artists. That’s what this is all about. We have invested so much of our time into this project because of what it symbolizes, that a mere idea or dream, followed through with positive action, can impact communities for the better. ” – Jarrel Phillips, Ave Founder and ZSTC Project Manager

To catch a glimpse of who the ZSTC are and what they do, please watch, “We Want the World to Know Who We Are,” the ZSTC Project short documentary, featured at the San Francisco Black Film Festival in June 2012. Filmed, edited, and produced by Jarrel “Chumbinho” Phillips/AVE founder. On-line Edit by Eric Wise,