Av·e·nue: n. A means of access or approach. Access Via Exposure. Artiem Educar. Alternative Enrichment.

“I’m on a constant journey to find myself, but I also want to help others find themselves. And when I say self, I mean purpose. AVE can mean a lot of things. Access Via Exposure, Arts Via Education, Artieum Educar, Avenues, Experiences… My mom use to tell me that growing up, I learned through experience, which I know is not always a good thing. Kids go after what they want and have playful attitudes in life, until they’re tainted by exposure to negativity, or told that they can’t do something. It takes away their innocence that allows them to listen to their heart. I’m hoping to create and expose youth to meaningful experiences using different avenues through arts and education that will positively impact their lives. I want to especially focus on Black youth, and then branch out to connect with other communities and cultures, whether here or abroad.” – Jarrel Phillips, AVE Founder