Capoeira Ijexa Kids BatizadoLearn Capoeira With Your Little One
Instructed by Jarrel “Chumbinho” Phillips and Pända Deda, students of Capoeira Ijexa and Mestre Urubu Malandro. Mestre Urubu Malandro will make a couple guest appearances. Dates to be decided.

Family Capoeira is a parent/child class for children 3-7 years of age. The class is designed so that both the parent and child can actively explore the art of capoeira together through movement, rhythm, and music. Through guided exploration you and your child will develop strength, coordination, and an appreciation for the culture and community that capoeira cultivates. *One adult per child.

Capoeira Ijexa LogoCapoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial-art form that combines self-defense, dance and acrobatics. Developed by African slaves who needed to disguise their martial arts from slave masters and other authorities. Capoeira help people of all ages develop self-esteem, coordination, rhythm strength, flexibility, and cooperative skills. It incorporates physical movement and awareness, self-expression, discipline, community, musicality, and the Portuguese language.

Family Capoeira – Registration is Closed

Sundays, June 9th -July 28th
10-11 a.m.
Ages 3-7 years old
8 Weeks

Location: Sons of Cayuga
915 Cayuga Ave @ Ocean
San Francisco, CA 94112

What You Should Know

  • Enrollment after the start of the session will be prorated for the number of remaining weeks.
  • Tuition assistance is available, please contact Jarrel Phillips,
  • Students enroll for a full class session
  • Monthly installment plans are available.
  • Payment is due on the first day you attend the session.
  • For drop-ins, please contact Jarrel in advance.

Fees: Summer Registration 2013
8 weeks (Both Parent and Child)
$25 First class/trial
$30 1 class/drop-In (after first class)
$100 Monthly installments (June/July)

Please bring cash/check on the day of your first lesson.