Besides checking out  the How We Play Exhibition curated by Jarrel Phillips, if you’re interested in finding more resources about the study of play, please watch the trailer Now Playing: Media for a Playful Planet (NOT produced by AVE).  The trailer in itself is golden. This 10-hour television series is currently in the works about the vital importance of play to our happiness, well-being, and the future of life. It reveals how foundational play is to every area of life. Produced and directed by Gwen Gordon and fiscally sponsored by Open Eye Pictures in partnership with the National Institute of Play, US Play Coalition, InterPlay, and KaBOOM! For more information visit,

Now Playing is soon to be a television series that shines a light on the vital importance of play to our well-being in every area of life.

About the Now Playing Series
What do a two year-old autistic boy in Chicago, a traffic-directing mime in Venezuela, and a 102 year-old cancer survivor in Greece have in common?

They have all been transformed by the power of play.

The results are in. Play isn’t just kid’s stuff; it’s vitally important to our individual and collective well-being. And yet we continue to over schedule, over protect, and over test our children, while shrinking our own playtime to the size of a crumb. Can we really suppress our need to play and not pay a deadly serious price? The answer is a resounding NO. The cost of chronic play-deprivation includes depression, mental illness, obesity, ADHD, increased violence, inflexibility, lack of social skills, and diminished imagination, creativity and innovation. We stop playing at our peril.

And more and more of us are realizing it. We’re leaving our cubicles and our suburban kitchens, our high pressure, work-obsessed lives and we’re heading to maker spaces, public pillow fights, and flash mobs. We’re turning parking lots into soccer fields, crosswalks into hopscotch games, and filling potholes with miniature gardens. The signs are everywhere. Play is bursting through the cracks like wild dandelions in spring. And not a moment too soon!

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