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Jarrel Phillips

AVE Founder + Executive Director

Panda Deda

Capoeira Instructor

Michole Forks

Play Facilitator + Photographer

Christine Joy Ferrer

Movement Arts Educator + Project Designer

Mestre Urubu Malandro

Master of Capoeira Ijexa

Jian Giannini

Illustrator + Capoeira Instructor


“The quote by Megan Rose Dickey (in the IAMSF exhibition) stood out to me the most: Are we defining Black as just people with brown skin? I love this quote because it reiterates the fact that we, as Black people, are more than just the color of our skin. We are intelligent, powerful, radiant, strong, etc. and some people refuse to see that.”

Deryonne Jackson

SF State CAD 260 Student

“Hello! Do you want to join capoeira class? I hope you do! Capoeira is a Brazilian dance-fight made by Brazilian slaves! This class is taught by Mr. Jarrel. Mr. Jarrel is funny, kind, understanding and respectful of feelings. Here is my opinion: Capoeira is a great experience for kids. Please join!”


AVE Student, 7 years old

“While I enjoyed reading what various members of the community had to say (in the ‘I Am San Francisco’ exhibition), the different art illustrations drawn by children are what moved me the most. After looking at their drawings, it made me realize how aware kids are about the world and how they are able to demonstrate understanding and interpretation through their individual artwork.”

Annie Bruner

SF State CAD 260 Student